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pGL4.77[hRlucP/Hygro] Vector

by Promega
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  • The pGL4.76[hRluc/Hygro], pGL4.77[hRlucP/Hygro] and pGL4.78[hRlucCP/Hygro] Vectors are designed primarily to accept a putative promoter element for investigation of important regions controlling gene transcription. Alternatively, these vectors may be used as promoterless control vectors in a dual-reporter system with a firefly luciferase vector serving as the experimental vector. The promoterless vectors are available with three varieties of engineered Renilla luciferase genes: hRluc, hRlucP or hRlucCP, and offer a selectable marker, hygromycin. The inserts cloned into these vectors can easily be transferred using the multiple cloning site and a unique SfiI transfer scheme.


    • Transcription regulation.
    • Virus-cell interactions.
    • Compound screening.
    • Post-translational modifications.
    • Promoter analysis.

    How the Engineered Renilla Luciferase Genes Work

    The hRluc gene is engineered to remove most cryptic transcription factor binding sites and improve mammalian expression through codon optimization. The hRlucP and hRlucCP and RapidResponse™ genes are hRluc genes appended with degradation sequences to influence the cellular half-life of Renilla luciferase. The RapidResponse™ genes respond more rapidly to stimuli but at the expense of signal intensity. The hRlucP gene responds more rapidly than hRluc2 with moderate signal intensity, and the hRlucCP responds more quickly with the lowest signal intensity.

    About the pGL4 Reporter Vectors

    The pGL4 Vectors offer increased reporter gene expression with codon optimization of synthetic genes for mammalian expression and reduced background and risk of expression artifacts with removal of cryptic DNA regulatory elements and transcription factor binding sites. Renilla luciferase has options that offer improved temporal response with the destabilized Rapid Response™ luciferase genes.


    pGL4.76[hRluc/Hygro] Vector GenBank® Accession Number AY864931 and vector sequence text file.


    pGL4.77[hRlucP/Hygro] Vector GenBank® Accession Number AY864932 and vector sequence text file.


    pGL4.78[hRlucCP/Hygro] Vector GenBank® Accession Number AY864933 and vector sequence text file.

  • Protocols

    Complete Protocol

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    pGL4.76[hRluc/Hygro] Vector Protocol

    PDF (185 KB)

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    pGL4.77[hRlucP/Hygro] Vector Protocol

    PDF (185 KB)

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    pGL4.78[hRlucCP/Hygro] Vector

    PDF (186 KB)

  • Certificate of Analysis

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    Storage Conditions

    -30C TO -10C

    Use Restrictions

    For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.