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Pgp-Glo Assay System with P-glycoprotein

by Promega
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  • The Pgp-Glo™ Assay Systems provide the necessary reagents for performing luminescent P-glycoprotein (Pgp) ATPase assays. Pgp, also known as MDR1 and ABCB1, is a 170kDa integral plasma membrane protein that functions as an ATP-dependent drug efflux pump and plays an important role in multidrug resistance and certain adverse drug-drug interactions. Compounds that interact with Pgp can be identified as stimulators or inhibitors of its ATPase activity. Compounds that are substrates for transport by Pgp typically stimulate its ATPase activity.

    The Pgp-Glo™ Assay detects the effects of compounds on recombinant human Pgp in a cell membrane fraction. The assay relies on the ATP dependence of the light-generating reaction of firefly luciferase. ATP is first incubated with Pgp; then the Pgp ATPase reaction is stopped, and the remaining unmetabolized ATP is detected as a luciferase-generated luminescent signal. Pgp-dependent decreases in luminescence reflect ATP consumption by Pgp; thus the greater the decrease in signal, the higher the Pgp activity. Accordingly, samples containing compounds that stimulate the Pgp ATPase will have significantly lower signals than untreated samples.

    This assay system is valuable for screening drugs and new chemical entities for their capacity to modulate P-glycoprotein ATPase activity.

    Stimulation of Pgp ATPase Activity By Verapamil

    Pgp-Glo™ Assay System.
    Pgp-Glo™ Assay System.

    Features and Benefits

    • The simple protocol makes the assay amenable to high-throughput screening in multiwell plates.
    • The assays are provided as complete systems. Cat.# V3591 includes all the reagents required to run the assay except the P-glycoprotein. Cat.# V3601 includes all the reagents provided in the Pgp-Glo™ System with the addition of recombinant human Pgp membranes.
    • Use of a proprietary stabilized firefly luciferase and a proprietary luciferase assay formulation minimizes the incidence of false positives due to inhibition of luciferase by analytes when screening for compounds that affect Pgp activity.
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    Pgp-Glo™ Assay Systems Technical Bulletin

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    Storage Conditions

    -30C TO -10C

    Use Restrictions

    For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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