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SSC Buffer, 20X, Molecular Grade

by Promega
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  • SSC Buffer, 20X, Molecular Grade (pH 7.0), is commonly used in nucleic acid hybridization techniques at concentrations from 0.1X to 20X, depending on the application.

    Form: Clear, colorless liquid.

    Composition: 3M NaCl, 0.3M sodium citrate (for 20X concentration).


    • pH at 25°C (20X): 6.9–7.1.
    • Lead: ?10ppm.
    • Conductivity at 25°C (2X): 24.4–32.4mmhos.
  • Certificate of Analysis

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    Storage Conditions

    +15C TO +30C

    Use Restrictions

    For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.