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SV Total RNA Isolation Start-Up Kit, 220V Electrical (250 preps, manifold and free vacuum pump)

by Promega
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  • Free Welch® Vacuum Pump with Purchase of Purification Kit and Vacuum Manifold

    The SV Total RNA Isolation System Start-Up Kit includes 250 RNA preps, a Vac-Man® Vacuum Manifold and a free Welch® Vacuum Pump! Each vacuum pump bundle is available in 3 formats. If you are not sure which format is right for your geographic area, contact your Promega representative or an authorized Promega distributor.

    The SV Total RNA Isolation System provides a fast and simple technique for preparation of intact total RNA from tissues, cultured cells and white blood cells in as little as one hour. Using this membrane-based purification system, up to 60mg of tissue can be processed per purification, depending on tissue type. The system incorporates a DNase treatment step directly on the minicolumn membrane. This step substantially reduces genomic DNA contamination, which can interfere with amplification-based methodologies. Purification is achieved without the use of phenol:chloroform extractions or ethanol precipitations, and there is no DNase carryover in the final RNA preparation

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    Storage Conditions

    +15C TO +30C

    Use Restrictions

    For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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