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VivoGlo Luciferin-beta-Galactoside Substrate (6-O-beta-galactopyranosyl luciferin)

by Promega
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  • Luciferin-?-galactoside is a substrate for the commonly used reporter enzyme ?-galactosidase. The substrate is cleaved by ?-galactosidase to form luciferin and galactose. When used in a model system expressing firefly luciferase, the luciferin is then utilized in a firefly luciferase reaction to generate light. Product integrity is ensured by packaging most products in amber vials with septa as well as offering ease of dilution and use for imaging experiments. VivoGlo™ Luciferin-?-Galactosidase Substrate is packaged with fine tolerances to minimize the need to weigh substrates.


    1. Wehrman T.S. et al. (2006) Nature Methods 3, 295–301.
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    Storage Conditions

    -30C TO -10C

    Use Restrictions

    For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.