Anti-Human BDNF pAb

by Promega
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  • BDNF, a 27kDa homodimer originally derived from human brain, shares high sequence homology with NGF, NT-3 and NT-4/5 and influences many neuron types in the CNS. Anti-Human BDNF pAb is generated in chickens and purified using a proprietary polyethylene glycol procedure. IgY, the 180kDa chicken IgG homolog, can be produced in chickens against certain biological antigens that fail to elicit a humoral immune response in rabbits or other mammals due to species relatedness. This antibody is highly specific for BDNF.

    Applications (suggested working concentration)

    • Western blotting (1ug/ml).
    • ELISA (1ug/ml).
    • Immunocytochemistry (1–10ug/ml); methanol-fixed (1–10ug/ml).
    • Immunohistochemistry (10–15ug/ml).
    • Biological neutralization (10ug/ml).
  • Certificate of Analysis

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    Storage Conditions

    +2C TO +10C

    Use Restrictions

    For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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