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Fluorescence Optical Kit, GFPUV (Ex 365nm, Em 515-570nm)

by Promega
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    The GloMax®-Multi Jr Single-Tube Multimode Reader has been discontinued. 

    These GloMax®-Multi Jr accessories will continue to be available, as will instrument service, until November 1, 2021, pending part availability.

    • Fluorescence Optical Kit, Blue (Ex 460nm, Em 515–570nm)
    • Fluorescence Optical Kit, UV (Ex 365nm, Em 410–450nm)
    • Fluorescence Optical Kit, Green (Ex 525nm, Em 580–640nm)
    • Fluorescence Optical Kit, Red (Ex 625nm, Em 660–725nm)
    • Fluorescence Optical Kit, GFPUV (Ex 365nm, Em 515–570nm)
    • Absorbance Module (User Installable)*
    • Absorbance Filter Paddle, 560nm
    • Absorbance Filter Paddle, 600nm
    • Absorbance Filter Paddle, 750nm
    • Minicell Adapter Kit (for measuring 100–200ul of sample)
    • PCR Tube Adapter, GloMax® Multi Jr.
    • Minicell Borosilicate Glass Cuvettes — 400 each
    • 10 × 10mm Square Polystyrene Cuvette (3.5ml capacity) — 100 each
    • 10 × 10mm Square Methacrylate Cuvette (3.5ml capacity) — 100 each
    • AC Adapter Replacement
    • Thermal Serial Printer and Universal Power Cable
    • Thermal Printer Paper
    • GloMax®-Multi Jr Service Agreement

    The GloMax®-Multi Jr with a Luminescence Module is designed to deliver performance equivalent to dedicated single-tube luminometers while also offering the flexibility of a multimode reader. The GloMax®-Multi Jr has a sensitivity of 1 × 10–18 moles of luciferase and >5 logs of dynamic range. This dynamic range is more than adequate to cover common luminescence applications, thus reducing the need to dilute samples.

    The GloMax®-Multi Jr with a Fluorescence Module is designed to deliver both high performance and user flexibility. To achieve high performance, each Fluorescence Module utilizes powerful light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as excitation sources. LED usage increases sensitivity by fully exciting the fluorophore and reducing nonspecific light leakage, a problem often found when using broad-spectrum light sources. Four standard fluorescence optical kits are available for purchase, or contact us to purchase a custom optical kit.

    • UV (Ex 365nm, Em 410–450nm)
    • Blue (Ex 460nm, Em 515–570nm)
    • Green (Ex 525nm, Em 580–640nm)
    • Red (Ex 625nm, Em 660–725nm)

    The GloMax®-Multi Jr with the Absorbance Module provides measurements that are highly sensitive and cover a wide dynamic range. The absorbance channel has a large reading range of 0–4 OD with an accuracy that deviates less than 0.7%. Three optional filter paddles with factory-installed filters for measuring 560, 600 and 750nm are available. These filters accommodate the most common protein assays. Filter paddles can be exchanged easily in seconds. 

    *Cat.# E6076 cannot be sold separately and must be purchased with at least one Absorbance Filter Paddle (Cat.# E6077, E6078 or E6079).

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    Storage Conditions

    +5C TO +40C

    Use Restrictions

    For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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