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GloMax-Multi+ Base Instrument Service Agreement, 1 year

by Promega
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  • GloMax®-Multi+ Detection System Accessories

    The GloMax®-Multi+ Microplate Multimode Reader has been discontinued. Your GloMax®-Multi+ Instrument should continue to offer years of service.

    All accessories and modules will continue to be available, as will instrument service, until August 1, 2020.

    The GloMax®-Multi+ Base Instrument Service Agreement, 1 year, is available for the GloMax®-Multi+ Instrument, as well as the following detection modes:

    Luminescence Module: An advanced head-on photon-counting photomultiplier tube (PMT) provides unmatched signal-to-noise ratios, beating most standalone luminometers. The luminescence module can detect as little as 3 × 10–21 moles of luciferase, covering a dynamic range over 8 logs. A dual-masking system minimizes well-to-well cross-talk.

    Fluorescence Module: Application-optimized Optical Kits simplify fluorescence operation while maximizing performance. Long-lived LED-based excitation lights minimize maintenance and variability in intensity. LED usage increases sensitivity by fully exciting the fluorophore and reducing nonspecific light leakage, a problem often found when using broad-spectrum light sources. The UV, Blue, Green, Red and AFC Optical Kits are included with the Fluorescence Detection Module.

    • UV (Ex: 365nm, Em: 410–460nm)
    • Blue (Ex: 490nm, Em: 510–570nm)
    • Green (Ex: 525nm, Em: 580–640nm)
    • Red (Ex: 625nm, Em: 660–720nm)
    • AFC (Aminofluorocoumarin; Ex: 405nm, Em: 495–505nm)

    Visible Absorbance Module: A 6-position filter wheel with 2 open positions ensures flexibility for a wide range of applications. An LED-based visible spectrum light source minimizes maintenance and variability. The Visible Absorbance Module has a reading range of 0–5.0 OD with an accuracy that deviates less than 2%. This module comes with filters for reading 450, 560, 600 and 750nm. A 490nm filter is available as an accessory.

    UV-Visible Absorbance Module: This module comes with a 6-position filter wheel that includes filters for measuring 260, 280, 450, 560, 600 and 750nm. These filters accommodate UV DNA and protein quantitation in addition to ELISA and protein assays. Like the Visible Absorbance Module, you can customize the UV-Visible Absorbance Module by substituting a filter of your choice into either of two removable filter paddles.

    Both single and dual injectors are available separately for the GloMax®-Multi+ Detection System. 

    The GloMax®-Multi+ Detection System may be configured with an optional heater allowing precise temperature control from 2°C above ambient temperature to 45°C +/– 0.75°C. 

    Service Agreement Options

    After the warranty period is over, you can continue to receive the same comprehensive service and support from us as you did when your system was under warranty. The GloMax® Service Agreements cover all parts, labor and shipping to and from our depot repair location as well as a loaner instrument upon request.* If your instrument needs repair, we will provide a box for shipment of the instrument back to our service facility. We will repair it and return it performing to original factory specifications. Multiple service agreements for consecutive years may be purchased at the same time.

    If you purchase a GloMax® instrument with injectors, separate service agreements for both the base instrument AND the injectors are required.

    * Loaner instrument coverage is not available in the United Kingdom

  • Protocols

    Complete Protocol

    Download PDF

    GloMax®-Multi+ Detection System with Instinct™ Software Technical Manual

    PDF (5 MB)

    Download PDF

    GloMax®-Multi Detection System Technical Manual

    PDF (5 MB)

    Quick Protocols

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    GloMax®-Multi+ Detection System with Instinct™ Software Quick Start Guide FB117

    PDF (663 KB)

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    Storage Conditions

    +15C TO +30C

    Use Restrictions

    For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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