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HaloTag Protein Purification System

by Promega
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  • HaloTag® Protein Purification System

    HaloTag® Protein Purification System is designed to purify proteins fused to the HaloTag® novel protein tag that enhances the expression and solubility of recombinant proteins. HaloTag® Technology enables the covalent, efficient and specific capture of a protein of interest onto HaloLink™ Resin, thus overcoming the equilibrium-based limitations associated with affinity tags (i.e., poor capture of proteins expressed at low levels and protein loss during washing of the purification resin.

    The HaloTag® technology offers a quick and convenient way to test protein expression of HaloTag® fusion proteins as well as to monitor the efficiency of immobilization to HaloLink™ Resin by labeling with fluorescent HaloTag® TMR Ligand followed by SDS-PAGE analysis. Guidelines can be found in the HaloLink™ Resin Technical Manual #TM250, the HaloLink™ Protein Array Technical Manual #TM310 and the HaloCHIP™ System Technical Manual #TM075.

    Use the HaloTag® Protein Purification System for:

    • Purification of poorly expressed fusion proteins
    • Improved yield, purity and specific activity of soluble, functional proteins compared to His-Tag, GST and MBP affinity tags
    • Enhance target protein expression in prokaryotic, mammalian and cell-free systems
    • Recover tag-free target protein using TEV Protease cleavage
    • In-gel detection and quantification of protein expression levels with fluorescent HaloTag® Ligands

    Schematic diagram of protein purification using HaloTag Technology.

    Schematic of protein purification with HaloTag® fusion tagging.

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    For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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