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VEGF Bioassay, Propagation Model

by Promega
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The VEGF Bioassay is a bioluminescent cell-based assay that measures VEGF stimulation and inhibition of KDR (VEGFR-2) using NFAT-RE as a readout. This assay overcomes many of the limitations of current endothelial cell proliferation assays, and can be used for discovery and development of novel biologic therapies aimed at either inducing or inhibiting the VEGF response. The KDR/NFAT-RE HEK293 Cells included are provided in a thaw-and-use format as cryopreserved cells that can be thawed, plated and used in an assay without the need for cell propagation. The KDR/NFAT-RE HEK293 Cells have been engineered to express exogenous KDR as well as the NFAT response element (RE) upstream of Luc2P. When VEGF binds to KDR/NFAT-RE HEK293 Cells, the KDR transduces intracellular signals resulting in NFAT-RE-mediated luminescence.The bioluminescent signal is detected and quantified using Bio-Gloª Luciferase Assay System (Cat.# G7940) and a standard luminometer.