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PunchSolution Kit

Promega forensic products are manufactured in alignment with the ISO 18385 standard. This standard ensures minimal risk of human DNA contamination for products used to collect, store and analyze biological materials for forensic purposes. Learn more at: www.promega.com/products/genetic-identity/forensic-grade-faq/. The SwabSolution Kit, PunchSolution Kit and 5X AmpSolution Reagent allow fast and simple processing of swabs and punches for PowerPlex System analysis. These products are intended for preparation of single-source reference, database and paternity samples where sample purification is unnecessary. The SwabSolution Kit is used for rapid processing of swabs for STR analysis using PowerPlex Systems. The SwabSolution Kit contains SwabSolution Reagent, which is used to generate a buccal swab extract that is added to the PowerPlex System reaction. In addition, the SwabSolution Kit contains the 5X AmpSolution Reagent, which enables direct amplification of DNA from swabs using certain PowerPlex Systems. See the supported PowerPlex Systems at: www.promega.com/directamp/.

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