Recombinant ALKBH7 protein

ALKBH7 (Alkylated DNA Repair Protein AlkB Homolog 7), also called as SPATA11 (Spermatogenesis-Associated Protein 11) is a member of ALKBH protein family. It does not display DNA demethylase activity according to recent research, and may function as protein hydroxylase. It has been proved to catalyze auto-hydroxylation at Leu-110 in vitro. ALKBH7 is required to induce programmed necrosis in response to DNA damage caused by cytotoxic alkylating agents. It acts by triggering the collapse of mitochondrial membrane potential and loss of mitochondrial function that leads to energy depletion and cell death. ALKBH7-mediated necrosis is probably required to prevent the accumulation of cells with DNA damage.

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