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Recombinant CTBP2 protein

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CTBP2 (C-Terminal Binding Protein 2), also written as CtBP2, is a protein that binds to the C-terminus of adenovirus E1A proteins. It ubiquitously expresses with 2 higher level in heart, skeletal muscle, pancreas, associating to adenovirus E1A,C terminal proteins, involved with histone deacetylase and E2F3 in transcription repression. CTBP2 is a corepressor targeting diverse transcription regulators. It functions in brown adipose tissue (BAT) differentiation (By similarity). CTBP1 gene produces alternative transcripts encoding two distinct proteins. One protein is a transcriptional repressor, while the other isoform is a major component of specialized synapses known as synaptic ribbons. Both proteins contain a NAD+ binding domain similar to NAD+-dependent 2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenases. This product is isoform1. CTBP2 and another C-Terminal Binding Protein, CTBP1 can dimerize. Both proteins can also interact with a polycomb group protein complex which participates in regulation of gene expression during development.


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