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Recombinant METTL21B protein

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METTL21B (Methyltransferase-Like Protein 21B), also known as EEF1AKMT3 ((Eukaryotic Translation Elongation Factor 1 Alpha Lysine Methyltransferase 3), is a member of the Family 16 group of methyltransferases. EEF1A is a translation factor which delivers amino-acyl tRNA to the ribosome during translational elongation. In human, EEF1A shows high levels of methylation and has at least six known methylation sites, namely methylation at its N terminus and at lysines 36, 55, 79, 165, and 318. Of these, METTL21B selectively catalyzes the trimethylation of EEF1A at Lys 165. In addition, EEF1AKMT4, METTL13, N6AMT2 (EEF1AKMT1) and METTL10 (EEF1AKMT2) are the methyltransferases for lysines 36, 55, 79 and 318, respectively. EEF1A methylation by EEF1AKMT3 is dynamic as well as inducible by stress conditions, such as ER-stress, and plays a regulatory role on mRNA translation.


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