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SignaTECT Protein Kinase C (PKC) Assay System

The SignaTECT Protein Kinase Assay Systems contain the proprietary SAM2 Biotin Capture Membrane, which offers significant advantages over other radioactive technologies for assaying protein kinases. The streptavidin-coated SAM2 Membranes possess high binding capacity and high specificity characteristics, which produce lower backgrounds and higher signal-to-noise ratios compared to the traditional P81 phosphocellulose method of capture and measurement. The perforated and numbered membrane allows researchers to measure from 1 up to 96 kinase reactions. The SAM2 Membrane format does not require as much hands-on manipulation as other methods used to measure kinase activity. Following the kinase reaction, samples are spotted onto the SAM2 Membrane, and a series of short wash steps are performed to remove nonspecific label. The process is complete in less than 1 hour. In addition, the nature of the SAM2 Membrane allows it to be used under a variety of buffer/reaction conditions (e.g., cell extracts), which many other methods do not allow. Lastly, the high binding capacity allows use of the SignaTECT Systems for kinetic studies. Each system contains highly specific biotinylated peptide substrates for the appropriate kinase as well as the necessary reaction components. The researcher must supply [gamma-32P]ATP.

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