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x-tracta Gel Extractor

by Promega
€ 0.00

The x-tracta Gel Extractor tool provides a convenient, safe method for removal of agarose gel fragments for further processing. The device removes a 0.13 x 0.33 inch gel piece from agarose gels for easy transfer into a microcentrifuge tube for processing. The x-tracta tool eliminates the need for razor blades or scalpels, and its single-use design eliminates the possibility for sample-to-sample cross-contamination. Note: The x-tracta Gel Extractor works best on 0.6-2% analytical grade agarose gels. Please exercise caution if using the x-tracta Gel Extractor on Low Melting Point (LMP) agarose gels because the extractor does not work effectively due to the gel consistency.


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