Developing Advanced Collagen-based Biomaterials

Innovative Collagen Biomaterials

Promed Bioscience produce collagen-based biomaterials including highly purified medical-grade atelocollagen from animal tissue. We distribute our products internationally for a wide range of research, clinical and cosmeceutical applications.

Our products are extracted using proprietary methods while our agility to move with the market allows us to quickly fulfill unmet needs such as:

Organic-sourced collagen products for oncology patients

Gels for cell culture

Scaffolds for tissue engineering

Assays that study cell behavior and cellular interactions with the extracellular environment.

Research Applications

Collagen is used in research to create gels for cell culture, scaffolds for tissue engineering and in assays that study cell behavior and cellular interactions with the extracellular environment

- In vitro assays

- Tissue engineering/ regenerative medicine

- In vivo studies

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Cosmeceuticals & Nutraceuticals

Collagen and collagen peptides are major components of high-end skincare products and nutraceuticals for skin and joint health

- Cosmeceutical

- Nutraceuticals and nutricosmetics

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Medical Applications

Collagen scaffolds, coatings, implants and fillers can be used in clinical practice for skin regeneration, in wound care products and in surgical, dental, and orthopedic applications.

- Wound care

- Dermatological/skin regeneration

- Other medical (dental, orthopedic, surgical)

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