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INDIGO Biosciences, Inc. is a leading provider of nuclear receptor and in vitro toxicology solutions that accelerate scientific decision-making.

They supplement the world's largest portfolio of cell-based nuclear receptor kits and services and in vitro toxicology solutions with great results readability, reproducibility, and faster turnaround times.

INDIGO Biosciences provide solutions and reliable science and platforms, aimed to reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with the discovery process.

MyBio are proud to supply all INDIGO Biosciences products to Ireland.

Cell-based Reporter Assays That Work Simply And Simply Work

Whether you are a seasoned expert or new to cell-based assays, achieve superior sensitivity and reproducible results in as little as 24 hours.
No cell culture required.
INDIGO Biosciences kits get you on the fast track to data.

INDIGO Bioscience Products Available from MyBio

Nuclear Receptor Assay Kits

Extensive Selection and Quick Turnarounds

No cell culture required

- Profile chemical effects on a specific nuclear receptor or full panels in days

- Unravel agonist and antagonist potentials of known and new substances quickly

- Evaluate your compounds' efficacy, potency, and selectivity in record time

- Easily perform cross-species comparisons with our ortholog kits

Growth Factor Receptor Assay Kits

Accelerate your research

No cell culture required

- Accurate quantification of even low levels of growth factors with exceptional sensitivity

- With user-friendly protocols and streamlined workflows, our assay kits enable effortless implementation

- Backed by rigorous quality control measures and optimized reagent formulations, our assay kits ensure reproducible and reliable data

Transcription Factor Assay Kits

Unveil the power of INDIGO's cell-based luciferase reporter Transcription Factor Assay Kits

Transcription factors play a crucial role in regulating gene expression by binding to specific DNA sequences. These receptors act as sensors, detecting signals from the external environment or cellular processes

- Enable in-depth investigations into cellular processes and signaling pathways

- Gain insights into gene regulation mechanisms by measuring transcription factor activity in live cells

GPCR Assay Kits

Streamline Your GPCR Research

GPCRs are key players in cellular signalling and therapeutic potential

Illuminate cellular signalling with our GPCR Assay Kits:

- Uncover subtle changes in cellular signalling pathways through quantification of GPCR activity

- Enable confident decision-making with robust and reliable results

Cytokine Receptor Assay Kits

Unveil insights into cellular signalling and immune system function

- Evaluate amount of receptor activation quickly and easily

- Gain insights for research on immune and other disorders

- Quantify agonist or antagonist activity caused by your compounds

Live Cell Multiplex (LCM) Assay

The Live Cell Multiplex (LCM) Assay provides an efficient fluorescence-based method of quantifying the relative number of live cells resident in treated wells of an assay plate. While the LCM Assay may be performed as a stand-alone assay, it has been specifically optimized to be run in multiplex with any of INDIGO’s 96-well, 2×48-well, or 3×32-well Nuclear Receptor Reporter Assay System products.


- Understand Cytotoxicity
- Validate ANT/INV Assay Results
- Optimized for Use With INDIGO Assays

INDIGlo Luciferase Detection Reagent Kit

INDIGO's INDIGlo Luciferase Detection Reagent is a glow type luciferase detection reagent designed for the quantification of firefly and beetle luciferase expression in mammalian cells.

The INDIGlo Luciferase Detection Reagent kit is formulated as a 2x-concentrated reagent which contains both the Luciferase Detection Reagent (LDR) and Dilution Buffer and can be used for both homogenous and non-homogenous assay applications.

With a signal duration of greater than 2 hours and with a less than 10% fluctuation in signal, the highly sensitive and stable luminescence signal of INDIGlo is ideal for the cost-effective processing of cell culture plates ranging from 96 to 1536-well format.