Twist Variant Libraries

Site Saturation Variant Libraries

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Combinatorial Variant Library

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Spread out Low Diversity Libraties

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Access to Expertise

Twist's years of molecular biology expertise combined with the Twist DNA Synthesis Silicon platform ensures that you receive the exact library you want with no compromises. Twist is dedicated to creating well-designed, highly diverse libraries to ensure that you uncover more of what you want and only what you want.

Complex Custom Libraries

Twist’s proprietary oligo synthesis technology offers a unique approach to library creation. The silicon-based synthesis platform generates high-quality oligo pools, which are used to build fully-customized, user-defined variant libraries on a single chip. Twist's unparalleled platform also enables the creation of thousands to billions of specific variants. You can be assured exactly what you design is exactly what you get.

High Diversity Variant Domains

Twist has developed high fidelity methods for precisely splicing large pools of oligonucleotides (with composition and length variation) to create NGS verified combinatorial diversity of up to 10^10 unique variants within a single domain. Every variant is designed in-silico and screened prior to synthesis, eliminating unwanted sequence bias, premature stop codons, and undesirable motifs.

Protein Engineering

Target Selection and Antibody Optimization

Synthetic Biology

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