Twist Bioscience Variant Libraries | Spread out Low Diversity Libraties

Twist Bioscience Variant Libraries | Spread out Low Diversity Libraties

The Latest Tool for Mapping Protein Sequences

Spread-Out Low Diversity (SOLD) libraries provide a quick and precise tool for mapping protein sequences to explore the complex relationship between a protein and its environment.

SOLD Libraries are a time- and money-saving tool for researchers who want to efficiently investigate combinatorial possibilities.

A library of precise combinatorial variants with uniform amino acid distribution, balanced codon usage and the ability to avoid unwanted restriction sites, provides the ultimate tool to explore the variant space. All SOLD Libraries are NGS-verified, cloning-ready, and created using Twist’s patented silicon-based synthesis platform, ensuring low error rates.

Standard CVL vs SOLD

Greater flexibility than the traditional approach
Suitable for sites with scattered diversity
No template required

No premature stop codons or unwanted codons
Precise amino acid and codon control
More precise than traditional methods, e.g. NNK, TRIM and epPCR.

Superior Quality
SOLD libraries include NGS verification of modified regions
Rigorous quality control and verification of all variants
Uniform distribution of amino acids at each variant position

A High-Fidelity Synthetic Construct

Twist’s SOLD Libraries have shown their ability to consistently deliver amino acid distributions that closely match the requested amino acid frequencies, with a uniform distribution of variants and no dropouts.

SOLD Distribution Observed Variants

SOLD Library: Diversity is scattered along the WT sequence

Twist's SOLD Libraries have the benefit of precisely incorporating diversity across a wild-type sequence without restricting that diversity to small variant domains. This ability to simultaneously investigate multiple amino acid positions across a sequence allows researchers to investigate, and optimize, the activity of a protein both rapidly and effectively

SOLD Diversity





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