Cosmetic testing using human cells will soon replace animal testing. How will you prepare?

We are moving towards a world that no longer uses animals for cosmetic development and testing. Due to governmental and public pressure, the global cosmetic formulation and testing process is slowly shifting away from animal testing. Human cells and skin tissue models will eventually replace animals as the primary model for cosmetic testing.

Future-Proof Your Lab With Cell-Based Testing

Will this new formulation cause toxicity? Will it irritate the skin? Will it affect cellular metabolism? Is it anti-aging? To find these answers in cell-based models require the use of cell-based assays. Cell-based assays are specifically designed to uncover the biochemical pathways responsible for cosmetic compound effects. This may involve cell health, oxidative or chemical stress, energy metabolism, epigenetics and cell signaling pathways. By establishing cell-based testing in your lab, you will be prepared for the future of cosmetic testing and empowered with a deeper understanding of the underlying biology of beauty. 

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