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Is it COVID-19 or Flu? A Dual Antigen Test Developed by Irish Company MyBio Now Available to the Public

Is it COVID-19 or Flu? A Dual Antigen Test Developed by Irish Company MyBio Now Available to the Public

As the threat from both Covid-19 and flu approaches this winter, a Kilkenny company launches the first ‘combo’ Covid-19 and Influenza antigen test

KILKENNY, Ireland, (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Kilkenny based life sciences company MyBio™ has today announced the launch of their new ‘combo’ Covid-19 and Influenza antigen test. The new rapid test can tell whether someone has Covid-19 or flu in 10 minutes.

The company, who were the first to bring COVID-19 antigen tests to Ireland, developed the dual test to address the challenge of quickly determining whether fever, headache, muscle pain, cough, and fatigue are the result of COVID-19 or flu. The test will also help those with one of these symptoms decide whether they should go to work or not.

With the country facing a dual-threat from Covid-19 and flu surges this winter, the public health benefit of being able to quickly determine whether a person has Covid-19 or the flu will free up GP and hospital waiting time and resources.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr Linda Nolan founder and CEO of MyBio said:

“We have seen an ever-growing concern around the question: how will I know if I have the flu or COVID-19? Which is why we’ve developed this dual rapid test. Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly is right to voice concern about a severe winter flu season this year and this test will help alleviate the pressure on the health system. People can test at home first before presenting to GP waiting rooms and hospitals and also before heading into their workplace.”

“With influenza numbers high in Australia and New Zealand at the moment, we know a surge in flu is coming, and our goal is to make these tests widely in pharmacies, care homes, schools and university campuses across the country before it hits. ”

The ‘combo’ COVID-19 and flu test is available for €5 at — significant discounts for care homes, schools and universities.


Notes to editor:
MyBio™ was founded in 2009 by Dr Linda Nolan. A winner of the National Enterprise Award, and are known for their innovative approach to life sciences, diagnostics and wellness. They were the first company to bring antigen tests to Ireland, writing a well-received white paper on the same long before the Government’s opposition to them began to subside. Their clients include the world’s largest pharma companies, Government laboratories and all of Ireland’s academic institutions.

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