Twist Webinar | Rapid and efficient production of FISH probes using oligo pools with Nicola Crosetto


  • Hear how Twist Bioscience’s high-quality synthetic Oligo Pools can produce oligo FISH probes
  • Dig into how iFISH works and how it can be tailored to produce hundreds of FISH probes per week
  • See how iFISH4U can be used to design probes targeting multiple loci on the same chromosome
  • Obtain a brief guide to designing and producing oligo-based FISH probes from Twist Oligo Pools

In recent years, oligonucleotide based fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) methods have become widely adopted in different research fields thanks to their relatively easy setup and superior performance compared to classical FISH techniques.Recently, Dr Nicola Crosetto and his colleagues developed the iFISH platform, to enable versatile, user-friendly design and production of oligo FISH probes for virtually any genomic locus, chromosome or transcript of interest. Twist Oligo Pool Products are subject to the following label license: “Customer shall only use the Oligo Pools (together with portions and fragments thereof, the “Products”) and/or derivatives or progeny of such Products (including constructs, libraries, plasmids, target enrichment baits or other materials made using, and phages, viruses, cells, cellular components or other materials transformed with, the Products, directly or indirectly), and/or modifications or combinations of any of the foregoing, for internal research purposes, and not, for clarity, for any diagnostic, therapeutic or commercial applications. Customer obtains no right to, and shall not, sell, resell, transfer, distribute or otherwise convey such Products, derivatives, progeny, modifications or combinations to any third party nor authorize any third party to do any of the foregoing.