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Webinar | Ask the Experts: Cell Health Assays Q&A

Webinar | Ask the Experts: Cell Health Assays Q&A

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

9am CST/10am EST/7am PST

3pm GMT/ 4pm CET


Presented by:

Dr. Terry Riss, Senior Product Manager, Cell Health


Andrew Niles, Senior Research Scientist

Webinar November

Which cell health assay should I choose? How do cell viability, cytotoxicity or apoptosis assays work? How can I monitor cell health in real-time? If you're new to cell health or have questions about your current assay, join us for this live Q&A session. Our cell health experts will help you get the answers you need!


Submit your questions on the registration form by November 9th to guarantee it will be answered during the live broadcast.



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