Webinar | Preparing for Expert Witness Testimony on Probabilistic Genotyping

Preparing for Expert Witness Testimony on Probabilistic Genotyping

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Time: 10am CST/ 11am EST/ 8am PST

          4pm London/5pm Amsterdam-Paris



Rachel Oefelein, Quality Assurance Manager/Senior DNA Analyst, DNA Labs International


Alicia Cadenas, Laboratory Supervisor/Technical Leader, DNA Labs International

With approximately half the forensic laboratories in the United States either using a probabilistic genotyping system or in some stage of implementation, cases processed using this method are now making their way through the court systems. Additionally, probabilistic genotyping has been used at the international level for nearly a decade. As scientists make the adjustment to reporting probabilistic genotyping analyses, they must also transition to explaining these same results to judges, attorneys and juries. 


Join Rachel Oefelein and Alicia Cadenas of DNA Labs International (DLI) for this live webinar where they will address:

  • Potential questions and response options typically covered in both Direct Examination and Cross Examination of expert witnesses testifying to probabilistic genotyping
  • Testifying in admissibility hearings on probabilistic genotyping systems 

Rachel and Alicia have both testified to probabilistic genotyping in eight jurisdictions in both American and British court systems since going online in 2016.


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