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Collagenase NB Products for Research and Clinical Applications

Nordmark Biochemicals specialise in the distribution of biochemicals with a focus on collagenases and other proteases that can be used for tissue dissociation in vitro for the isolation of a variety of cells.

These cells find multiple applications in research and clinics.

Nordmark manufactures Collagenase NB Products for research and clinical applications at different purification levels.

Nordmark collagenase products are exceptionally suitable for a variety of cell isolation applications.

Every application of collagenases places different demands on optimal digestion conditions. Nordmark Collagenase NB products range from standard collagenases containing balanced amounts of other proteolytic activities to highly purified collagenases, in research or GMP grades, respectively. Nordmark products are exceptionally suitable for a variety of cell isolation applications.

Core Product Lines available from MyBio

GMP Collagenase for Clinics

GMP Collagenase NB

Superb quality and performance of Nordmark' highest standard GMP Grade enzymes are assured by:

Stringent quality control | Reliable lot-to-lot consistency | Accurate analysis of proteolytic enzyme activities | In-process controls | Production according to GMP guidelines

Animal-Free GMP Collagenase

Collagenase AF-1 GMP Grade and Neutral Protease AF GMP Grade represent the first choice for clinical isolation of especially sensitive cells like pancreatic islets, hepatocytes and tumor cells.

Collagenase for Research

Every application requires a different collagenase for optimal digestion conditions.

For this reason, Nordmark offers several collagenase products with varying enzymatic activities for research and protocol development in multiple application fields.


Nordmark’s comprehensive portfolio for tissue digestion is completed by two different anti-collagenase polyclonal antibodies. These antibodies are developed against the natural collagenase blend that includes collagenase class I and class II, neutral protease and clostripain. They can be used for analysis of residual collagenase in cell preparations.