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COVID-19 antigen tests transformed the landscape for Point-of-Care (POC) and home self testing. Self testing kits have been available for years; pregnancy tests, ovulation tests and blood glucose monitoring.

At home Self Tests are becoming more popular among consumers. People are comfortable using at-home tests for their current health concerns and identifying potential future health issues


MyBio Self-Tests Range

Vitamin D Test - MyBio Self Test - Vitamin D Test Tells you if you're low in Vitamin D.
MyBio self test - Iron Deficiency Test tests levels of Ferritin in the blood - gives you an indication of a possible iron deficiency.
Thyroid Test - MyBio Self Test Thyroid Test tests for an underactive thyroid.
Menopause Test - MyBio Self Test tells you if you're perimenopausal
MyBio Self Test Ovulation test detects when ovulation/peak fertility is likely to occur in the next 24-36 hours.
Vaginal PH Test - MyBio Self Test Vaginal PH Test tests whether you have a bacterial or yeast infection.
MyBio pregnancy self test By way of a urine sample, pregnancy test checks for the hCG hormone which will indicate whether you’re pregnant or not.
mybio Early Pregnancy Test provides rapid pregnancy results up to 6 days before your next period.
mybio at home self test - Urinary Infection Test tells you if you have a urinary tract infection (UTI) or not
H. Pylori Antigen Test, By way of a stool sample, detects the presence of the H.pyloribacteria (the main cause of stomach ulcers).
Faecal Blood Test - MyBio Self Test
Calprotectin Check Test - MyBio Self Test
Allergy Check Test - MyBio Self Test
SARS CoV2 and Influenza A + B Test - MyBio Self Test
mybio at home self test for male fertility
mybio at home self test sperm concentration
Prosta Check Test - MyBio Self Test

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Self test medical devices are strictly regulated in Ireland, having to comply with the requirements of the EU In-Vitro Diagnostic Directive 98/79EC (IVDD). All diagnostic tests sold by MyBio comply with these regulations and carry the CE mark to show compliance.

MyBio Self-Tests are available across pharmacies and health food stores in Ireland and the UK

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