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Male Fertility Test - MyBio Self Test

€ 29.99

What it does?

Male Fertility Test tests whether sperm count is normal measuring concentration of the protein SP-10 in a single ejaculation.

Who is it for?

Men trying to have a family. In 40% of couples struggling with infertility issues, male infertility is the primary cause.

Why would I want to do this test?

The MyBio™ Male Fertility Test is a reliable, quick and clear answer to the question "Is my sperm count normal?" in the privacy of their own home.

Further Facts

What is SP-10? A protein specific to male sperm cells which cannot be found in other cells, making it a very specific marker for measuring sperm.

Early Diagnosis - Using scientifically-proven technology, this fertility test  accurately identifies men with low or high sperm count in a full ejaculation. They can then take further steps with their GP or fertility consultant dependent on the results.

The Male Fertility Test (SP-10 male fertility rapid test cassette) detects acrosomal protein (SP-10) found on sperms. SP-10 is a protein specific to male sperm cells and cannot be found in other cells.

It is recommended that men test their sperm count every few months while trying to conceive.