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ChIP-IT® Express Shearing Kit (included in 53008)

The first step in successful chromatin immunoprecipitation is shearing the chromatin into 200-1000 bp fragments. This has traditionally been performed by subjecting the isolated chromatin to different pulses of sonication. Sonication is an effective method for shearing DNA, and is the most widely-used method. In some circumstances, however, it can be difficult to optimize due to complications arising from emulsification and overheating. Because of this, Active Motif has developed a robust and user-friendly method to shear chromatin by enzymatic treatment. The Enzymatic Shearing Kit uses a proprietary Enzymatic Shearing Cocktail that quickly shears DNA into 200-1000 bp fragments. Because enzymatic shearing is solely time and temperature dependent, the problems associated with sonication are eliminated and ChIP results are improved.

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