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COS-7 nuclear extract (IFNγ treated)

Active Motif's COS-7 nuclear extract (IFNg treated) was prepared from subconfluent undifferentiated cell cultures of the Simian kidney fibroblast COS-7 cell line. The COS-7 cell line was derived from immortalizing the African green monkey CV-1 cell line by transformation with an origin-defective mutant of the SV40 viral genome that is replication-deficient but produces wild-type large T antigen. The large T antigen supports replication of and lytic growth of the SV40 virus as well as replication of SV40 promoter-containing plasmids. In addition to supporting propagation of the Simian SV40 virus, the COS-7 cell line is most commonly used in research related to replication and in transfection studies for the production of recombinant proteins. Treatment of COS-7 cells with IFNg promotes apoptosis, causes alterations in viral replication efficiency, and induces the JAK/STAT signaling pathway.

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