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Dounce Homogenizer

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Whether you are analyzing cell lysates by Western blot, or preparing chromatin for a chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) experiment, the ability to obtain reliable results depends on accurate cell lysis. Active Motif's dounce homogenizer is ideal for preparation of cell lysates or chromatin, particularly if the cell and tissue samples seem to be resistant to lysis under normal detergent conditions. The dounce is available in two sizes for both small and large sample preparations. Each dounce is supplied with two pestles of different widths. One pestle fits tightly within the shaft of the dounce for maximum friction and cell disruption, while the other pestle has a looser fit and is ideal for generating a homogenous sample. Since the dounce homogenizer is made of glass it can easily be cleaned and sterilized between uses.


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