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Histone H4K20 Peptide - biotinylated

Active Motif's biotinylated histone peptides are suitable for use in a variety of binding, pull-down and enzymatic assays for the study of proteins that interact with histones and that read, write or erase histone modifications. Histone H4K20 Peptide - biotinylated is a synthetic peptide derived from Histone H4, amino acids 1-23, with an added lysine residue containing a biotin moiety and a C-terminal amide group (CONH2). C-term biotinylated Lys residue is separated with two Gly (provide short spacer) and one Tyr (provides accurate UV quantification) from the rest of the peptide sequence. The presence of the tyrosine does not affect peptide functionality. Peptide Sequence: SGRGKGGKGLGKGGAKRHRKVLRGG-YK(Biotin)-NH2 Calculated MW Mavg 2991.55. Observed MW Mavg 2991.63. Purity: 95% by HPLC and Mass Spectrometry.

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