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LightSwitch™ SREBP Biomarker Set

€ 3,500.00

The LightSwitch Validated Cholesterol Biosynthesis (SREBP) Pathway Collection is a comprehensive set of sequence-verified, transfection-ready, promoter reporter constructs that can be used to accurately quantify transcriptional activation and repression in response to induction of the cholesterol biosynthesis pathway. These constructs are a subset of the 18,000-member LightSwitch Promoter Reporter GoClone Collection that were selected based on sequence motif analysis, published information and in-house analysis of each promoter's activity using our LightSwitch Luciferase Assay. The SREBP Biomarker Set contains 8 of the highest responding promoters under our chosen test conditions, as well as the promoters of 2 housekeeping genes; the SREBP Profiling Plate contains 88 promoter reporter constructs that showed significant activation or repression in response to induction. For more complete information, please visit the Active Motif website.