Twist Bioscience - Genes - The Power of Silicon-based DNA Synthesis

    • 9600 genes per one silicon-based chip
    • Design your custom sequence
    • Rapid and accurate DNA synthesis
    • Flexibility to get the DNA you want,

    Twist Bioscience’s high precision, silicon-based high-throughput gene synthesis platform enables us to produce high-quality gene fragments and NGS-verified sequence-perfect clonal genes. What does this mean for you? Rapid and accurate DNA synthesis at the scale you need for the price you want.

    How It Works

    Normally, genes are synthesized with one gene per 96 well plate. Twist have perfected gene synthesis and with their proprietary platform, they're able to synthesize 9600 genes per one silicon-based chip in a single run. This means Twist can produce 1 gene or 100,000 genes in parallel, in the same amount of time!

    Get your genes faster than ever without compromising sequence integrity or quality with Twist Bioscience. 

    All you have to do is design your custom sequence and our high-quality gene synthesis platform will do the rest.

    What does Twist offer?

    Twist's Genes offering gives you the flexibility to get the DNA you want, the way you want it. Think bigger, expand your design scope, and accelerate discovery. Still not convinced? Get in touch! 

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