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Twist Bioscience Gene Fragments perfect sequence for 1 or 10 000 genes
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Twist Bioscience Genes | Gene Fragments

Twist Bioscience Gene Fragments

Synthetic Gene Fragments are an inexpensive, rapid, and efficient way to build the genes you need for your research. Gene Fragments from Twist Bioscience improve your cloning process by minimizing colony screening. This allows you to save time and money by dramatically reducing cloning and sequencing costs.


Fast and Economical
  • Gene Fragments for assembly and cloning
  • Compatible with all downstream cloning methods
  • Quick delivery


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  • Industry-leading error rate
  • Length: 300 bp – 1800 bp
  • Yield: 100 ng – 1 µg
  • No order limit
  • DATA


Twist’s DNA synthesis technology outperforms the competition with exceptionally low error rates.

In a direct comparison of Gene Fragment products, Twist consistently showed the lowest error rate. The graph to the left represents the average error rate for Gene sequences ordered from Twist and Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. (IDT). The results show Twist Gene Fragments have greater sequence accuracy over eBlocks and gBlocks with an average of 2-fold greater accuracy in sequence fidelity for Twist Gene Fragments over gBlocks.


Gene Fragments average error rate


More perfect Genes from Twist

Twist Gene Fragments consistently yield the highest percentage of perfect clones which saves you time and money in your research. The graph to the left shows a direct comparison of the percentage of sequence-perfect clones across a wide variety of gene lengths and sequences for 3 different gene products. Data was generated using a set of 63 sequences with a wide variety of gene lengths to reflect the diversity of gene lengths required for various real-world synthetic biology applications.

perfect genes from twist



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