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Human RefSeq Panel

Exome sequencing has become a widely used practice both in clinics and diagnostics. The superior performance of Twist Human Core Exome provides the optimal solution for sequencing of protein coding genes. The Twist Human Core Exome however focuses only on the most accurate curated subset—CCDS database. Twist now offers the Twist Human RefSeq Panel, which is designed to expand the content of the Twist Human Core Exome. When combining the two panels, greater than 99% of protein coding genes are covered.


More Complete Coverage
  • Adds 3.6 Mb of content to target all protein coding genes
  • Based on recent database releases
Retain Flexibility
  • Easily spike-in content into core exome panel
  • Effective across single-plex and multiplex target enrichment workflows
  • Maximize Efficiency
  • Ready-to-use formulation
  • Reduce per-sample sequencing cost through superior coverage uniformity




Increase Confidence in Your Variant Detection Experiments

Gene definitions are constantly being updated by dedicated consortia such as GENCODE, based on new information from large scale experiments. Thus, panels based on definitions from even several years ago may be missing a considerable portion of genes, and conversely may include some outdated sequences.


NGS Fixed Panel RefSeq Databases Table

Maximum Sequence Efficiency and Best Coverage Uniformity

Twist has engineered the Fast Hybridization Solution to provide the excellent performance of its standard protocol in as little as 15 minutes. This quick hybridization is accompanied by a streamlined target enrichment workflow that can be completed in 5–8 hours (including time for library preparation), taking you from sample to sequencer within the same day.

The Fast Hybridization Solution workflow involves a single-tube dry-down and is fully automatable to accommodate high- throughput applications.

Shown here are target coverage and Fold-80 with the Twist Human Core Exome Kit and Core Exome + Twist Human RefSeq Panel compared to comparable kits on the market. As seen in both figures, target coverage (>94%) and Fold-80 (1.34–1.36) are far superior using either the Exome only and the Exome + RefSeq Panel compared to other market equivalent kits.


NGS Fixed Panel RefSeq Target Coverage Fold80 Graph

Easy to Add Content Using Twist Target Enrichment

Twist’s extended content panels is an example of how Twist Human Core Exome plus Twist Human RefSeq panels allow for coverage of the targets you require.

NGS Fixed Panel RefSeq Customization


  • 102028 - Twist Human RefSeq Panel, 2 Reactions, Kit Panel for 2 enrichment reactions targeting 3.6 Mb of human protein coding regions
  • 102029 - Twist Human RefSeq Panel, 12 Reactions, Kit Panel for 12 enrichment reactions targeting 3.6 Mb of human protein coding regions
  • 102030 - Twist Human RefSeq Panel, 96 Reactions, Kit Panel for 96 enrichment reactions targeting 3.6 Mb of human protein coding regions

  • Workflow Step: Target Enrichment
  • Format: dsDNA
  • Panel size: 3.6 Mb
  • Content: Protein coding genes
  • Design Databases: CCDS, RefSeq, GENCODE, UCSC
  • Human Reference Genome: hg38
  • Storage: Store at -5 to -30°C


Twist Human RefSeq Panel product sheet - DOWNLOAD

* For research use only. Not for diagnostic procedures.

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