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Twist Bioscience NGS | Fixed Panels | Mouse Exome Panel

Twist Bioscience NGS | Fixed Panels | Mouse Exome Panel

Mouse Exome Panel

The mouse is an extremely important model system for studying genetic variation, tumor mutations, and phenotypic outcomes as well as the therapeutic effect of pharmaceutical agents. As genetic variant databases are continuously updated, the Twist Mouse Exome panel is thoughtfully designed and built from the most current databases. When combined with Twist’s expanding portfolio of library preparation and enrichment reagents, the complete toolset allows researchers to achieve industry-leading coverage across target regions while optimizing sequencing cost and sample throughput.

  • Based on mouse genome assembly mm10
  • 37.7 Mb comprehensive coverage of major gene annotation databases
Unparalleled performance
  • 95% of targeted regions covered at 20x with only 5Gb sequencing
  • High complexity libraries for high sensitivity variant calling


  • 102035 - Twist Mouse Exome, 2 Reactions, Kit
  • 102036 - Twist Mouse Exome, 12 Reactions, Kit
  • 102037 - Twist Mouse Exome, 96 Reactions, Kit


  • Workflow Step: Target Enrichment
  • Format: dsDNA
  • Panel size: 37.7 Mb
  • Content: Mouse protein coding genes
  • Design Databases: RefSeq


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Twist Bioscience NGS | Fixed Panels | Mouse Exome Panel