Twist Bioscience Genes | Clonal Genes
Clonal Genes by Twist Bioscience silicone platform for 9600 genes
Clonal Genes by Twist Bioscience comparison
Clonal Genes by Twist Bioscience process

Twist Bioscience Genes | Clonal Genes

Twist Bioscience Clonal Genes

Twist Bioscience’s platform is capable of synthesizing hundreds of thousands of genes each month to meet all your DNA needs. Their silicon-based platform for DNA synthesis enables us to create at scale, highly precise, sequence-perfect clonal genes of various lengths and difficulty that are all NGS verified and delivered on time when you need them.

  • No hidden sub-cloning or DNA complexity fees
  • Quick delivery

DNA Your Way

  • 0.3 – 5 kb genes cloned into a plasmid of your choice
  • Choose a Twist Catalog Vector or send us yours
  • 4 prep scales (50ng – 2µg | 2µg – 10µg | 10µg – 100µg | 100µg – 1mg)
  • Normalization and endotoxin-free options are available

Scalable Synthesis

  • No order limits
  • Same turnaround regardless of order size
  • DATA:

Genes clonal genes

Sequence Perfect Genes

A graphical representation of our standard NGS verification performed on every clonal gene. The clonal gene in this figure is an example of an error-free clone. The read depth is indicated for the entire plasmid and no SNPs or indels were detected.

Genes clonal genes

Clonal Genes Success Rate

Twist Bioscience’s observed success rate for clonal genes. The success rate is defined as the percentage of clonal genes ordered that were delivered without any SNPs or indels.

*T&Cs: Turnaround time for Clonal Genes is subject to change based on customizations and complexity. The average turnaround time for Clonal Genes is 10-15 business days (ex. delivery). New vector onboarding for Clonal Genes will add additional time.

*Twist products are subject to certain use restrictions as set forth in Twist's Supply Terms and Conditions.


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