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DBP synthRE

The LightSwitch Promoter GoClone Collection contains over 18,000 promoters that have been cloned from the human genome into the LightSwitch Luciferase Reporter vector, making it easier to measure the functional effects of transcription factor activity. The clones have been sequence-verified and are supplied transfection-ready, so you can begin your reporter assays immediately, without the need to clone or prepare DNA. Simply find your clones of interest using our online search tool, transfect into your cell line of interest and then assay using our optimized reagents and positive and negative controls. Also available is a collection of cloned Synthetic Response Elements that can often provide more sensitivity than their endogenous human promoter counterparts, making them well suited for use in primary screens to identify compounds or conditions that affect biological pathways. Stable Cell Lines that contain stably integrated regulatory elements are available for users interested in high-throughput screening. Custom services are also offered.

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