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Donkey-anti-mouse IgG 490-250ul

Advansta’s high-quality HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies offer unparalleled sensitivity and performance for immunoblotting and ELISA applications. These secondary HRP conjugated antibodies are optimized with Advansta's protein detection systems including WesternBright ECL, WesternBright Quantum, WesternBright Sirius and ElisaBright.

Figure 1: Advansta secondary antibodies demonstrate increased sensitivity and specificity. HeLa, rat and mouse tissue lysates were separated by SDS-PAGE and transferred to a PVDF membrane. The blots were blocked with AdvanBlock™-Chemi before incubation with anti-Vinculin, anti-VDAC1 or anti-β Tubulin. Signal was detected with WesternBright® ECL. In addition to increased specificity, the blots probed with Advansta secondary antibodies demonstrate increased sensitivity compared to a leading competitor.

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