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EpiShear™ 1/8” (3.2 mm) Sonicator Probe


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The diameter of the tip of the probe dictates the amount of sample that can be effectively processed. Smaller tip diameters deliver high-intensity sonication, but the energy is focused within a small, concentrated area. Larger tip diameters can process larger volumes, but offer lower intensity so may require more power. The choices of a generator and probes are matched to the volume, viscosity and other parameters of the particular application. The EpiShear Probe Sonicator is sold with a 1/8" microtip probe. The intense cavitation generated by the probe will, eventually, cause the tip to erode and the power output to decrease. For this reason, the 1/8" microtip probe is also sold separately (Catalog No. 53053). Also sold separately are probes with 5/64" & 1/4" tips, which can be used with the EpiShear to process smaller or larger sample volumes. See the table below for details on the characteristics of the probes.

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