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MCF-7 nuclear extract (H2O2 post-treated)

Active Motif's MCF-7 nuclear extract (H2O2 post-treated) was prepared from cell cultures of the human MCF-7 breast adenocarcinoma cancer cell line. The MCF-7 cell line was originally derived from a pleural effusion of a 69-year old Caucasian woman with metastatic breast cancer. MCF-7 cells are the best characterized and most commonly utilized cell lines in in vitro breast cancer studies. The MCF-7 cell line has retained several characteristics that are particular to mammary epithelium, including the ability to grow as a monolayer, form domes, and respond to hormones. These cells also display a low metastatic potential, leading to the assumption that they represent an early epithelial adenocarcinoma phenotype. These characteristics make MCF-7 cells an ideal model system to study malignant progression in relation to breast cancer. Treatment of MCF-7 cells with reactive oxygen species (ROS), such as H2O2 triggers an oxidative stress response that leads to toxicity and eventual apoptosis. H2O2 signals an antiproliferative/repair response that induces antioxidant systems to metabolize H2O2 to avert ROS toxicity.

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