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NIH/3T3 whole-cell extract (TPA stimulated)

Active Motif's NIH/3T3 whole-cell extract (TPA stimulated) was prepared from a cell culture of the NIH/3T3 mouse fibroblast cell line obtained from Swiss mouse embryo tissue. This cell line was established from immortalized primary mouse embryonic fibroblast cells that were cultured by the '3T3 protocol'. 3T3 (3-day transfer, inoculum 3 x 10E5 cells) refers to the transfer and inoculation protocol used to initiate and propagate the cell line. In research, these cells have become the standard mouse fibroblast cell line. Treatment of NIH/3T3 cells with the potent tumor-promoting phorbol ester 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA) leads to various biological changes that mimic those observed in cells transformed by chemical carcinogens or viruses. In mice, TPA has been shown to induce long lasting effects, including inflammation and hyperplasia, that are associated with the critical first step in multistage tumorigenesis known as tumor conversion. Thus, TPA stimulated NIH/3T3 cells are frequently utilized in cancer research as a model system for studying the radiomimetic and tumor-promoting activity of TPA on replicating cells, particularly in relation to PKC-mediated growth control.

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