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Recombinant PRMT2 protein

Recombinant PRMT2 (accession number NP_996845.1) was expressed in Sf9 cells and contains an N-terminal FLAG tag with an observed molecular weight of 51 kDa. PRMT2 (Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 2) is a member of the protein arginine N-methyltransferase (PRMT) family that is capable of monomethylating and asymmetrically dimethylating arginine residues. PRMT2 methylates the guanidino nitrogens of arginyl residues in proteins such as STAT3, FBL, and histone H4. PRMT2, along with NCOA2, acts as a coactivator of androgen receptor (AR)-mediated transactivation. PRMT2 also acts as a coactivator (with estrogen) of estrogen receptor (ER)-mediated transactivation. PRMT2 enhances PGR, PPAR_, RARA-mediated transactivation and may inhibit NFkB transcription and promote apoptosis. PRMT2 is known to repress E2F1 transcriptional activity in an Rb-dependent manner and may be involved in growth regulation.

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