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Recombinant PRMT6 protein

Recombinant PRMT6 (accession number NP_060607.2) was expressed in Sf9 cells and contains an N-terminal FLAG tag with an observed molecular weight of 43.7 kDa. PRMT6 (Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 6, HRMT1L6, ANM6) is a type I arginine methyltransferase. Arginine methylation is a common post-translational modification of histones and other cellular proteins. PRMT6 preferentially methylates arginine residues present in GAR (glycine and arginine-rich) domains. PRMT6 asymmetrically dimethylates histone H3 at Arg2, which is mutually exclusive to methylation at lysine 4 (associated with transcriptional activation), and thus PRMT6 serves as a transcriptional repressor in this context. It can also symmetrically dimethylate H2A and H4 at Arg3 and serves as a coactivator of transcription in concert with nuclear receptors.

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