Recombinant Mononucleosomes H3R2/8/17 citrul (EPL)

Recombinant Mononucleosomes H3R2/8/17 citrul (EPL) consist of a 167 bp of 601 DNA and two molecules each of histones H2A that includes amino acids 1-130 (end) (accession number NP_003503.1), H2B that includes amino acids 1-126 (end) (accession number NP_003509.1), H3.2 that includes amino acids 1-136 (end) (accession number NP_066403.2) with citrullination at arginine 2, arginine 8 and arginine 17, and H4 that includes amino acids 1-103 (end) (accession number NP_003539.1). All of these histones were expressed in E. coli cells. The molecular weight of histone octamer is ~108 kDa. H3R2/8/17 citrul (Histone H3 citrullyl Arg2/8/17) protein is generated using expressed protein ligation (EPL) technology. Truncated human Histone H3.2 is produced in E. coli and purified using FPLC. The purified protein is subsequently ligated to an N-terminal histone tail peptide containing citrulline 2/8/17 via a native peptide bond.

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