Twist Bioscience NGS | Fixed Panels | Human Core Exome

Twist Bioscience NGS | Fixed Panels | Human Core Exome

Twist Bioscience Next Generation Sequencing Fixed Panels 

Human Core Exome

The NGS Human Core Exome provides the ability to lower sequencing costs, increase sample throughput, and achieve a higher depth of coverage across target regions with uncompromising quality.

Exceptional performance
  • High fidelity double stranded DNA probes with optimized performance
  • NGS QC of all probes
  • Uniform enrichment of target regions
Greater flexibility
  • Customization tools allow the rapid and scalable implementation of custom exomes
  • Modular kit structure enables workflow flexibility for easy integration into existing protocols
Maximized sequencing efficiency
  • Increased depth per sample or more samples per run
  • Lower sequencing costs


  • 33 Mb CCDS coverage
  • 99% of ClinVar variants covered
  • 99.3% of targeted regions covered at 20x with 5.3 Gb



Uncompromised Performance

Twist Human Core Exome Kit resulted in a higher number of targets covered with 20 or 30 reads compared to leading competitors.

NGS Fixed Panel Human Core Exome 150x Total Coverage Graph

Efficient Read Usage

Twist Bioscience provides higher library complexity than the competitor kits resulting in a lower duplication rate

NGS Fixed Panel Human Core Exome Duplicate Rate Graph

Run more samples with the same budget

The improved coverage uniformity of the Twist Human Core Exome reduces the amount of sequencing required to achieve the desired coverage depth.

NGS Fixed Panel Human Core Exome Coverage Depth Table



Customization of Core Exome Kit Content and Components

The ability to simply add your spike-in panel to the Core Exome creates added differentiation based on your research requirements. Rapid design optimization with a quick production turnaround reduces overall development time for your custom exome.

  • Additional content with high enrichment uniformity 

  • Increased coverage of specific genes covered by Core Exome 

  • Optimization of spike-in ratio by customer

Customization of Core Exome Kit Content and Components

Product SKUs
  • 102025 - Twist Human Core Exome, 2 Reactions, Kit
  • 102026 - Twist Human Core Exome, 12 Reactions, Kit
  • 102027 - Twist Human Core Exome, 96 Reactions, Kit
  • Workflow Step: Target Enrichment
  • Format: dsDNA
  • Panel size: 33 Mb
  • Content: Human protein coding genes
  • Design Databases: CCDS
  • Storage: Store at -5 to -30°C

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