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Next Gen Indexing Kit

The Next Gen DNA Library Kit is designed to prepare Next generation sequencing (NGS) libraries from double-stranded input DNA for use with Illumina sequencing platforms. Libraries can be generated from as little as 10 pg of high-quality genomic DNA, ChIP DNA, FFPE DNA or cell-free DNA (cfDNA), which is 500-fold more sensitive than other library preparation kits. Additionally, libraries can be prepared from 100 ng DNA if preparing PCR-free libraries. The Next Gen DNA Library Kit (Catalog No. 53216) is used in combination with the Next Gen Indexing Kit (Catalog No. 53264) , which contains 16 unique index adapters that may be used individually, or in combination to multiplex samples together during cluster generation for co-sequencing on the same Illumina flow cell. The advantage of the Next Gen DNA Library preparation is the inclusion of molecular identifiers (MIDs) to enable accurate removal of PCR duplicates from single read sequencing. This helps to increase the number of unique alignments for more accurate data sets. For more complete information, please visit the Active Motif website.

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