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Recombinant PRMT7 protein

Recombinant PRMT7 (accession number NP_061896.1) was expressed in Sf9 cells and contains an N-terminal FLAG tag with an observed molecular weight of 80.1 kDa. PRMT7 (Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 7) is a type I arginine methyltransferase. Arginine methylation is a common post-translational modification of histones and other cellular proteins. PRMT7 specifically mediates the symmetrical dimethylation of histone H4 at Arg3 to form H4R3me2s. PRMT7 plays a role in gene imprinting by being recruited by CTCFL at the H19 imprinted control region (ICR) and methylating histone H4 to form H4R3me2s, possibly leading to recruitment of DNA methyltransferases at these sites. PRMT7 may also play a role in embryonic stem cell (ESC) pluripotency. PRMT7 is also able to mediate arginine methylation of histone H2A and myelin basic protein (MBP) in vitro. However, the biological relevance of such results is unclear.

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