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Introducing Twist Alliance Panels, a curated collection of high-quality target enrichment panels designed in partnership with leading scientific institutions. 

In combining Twist’s world-class oligonucleotide synthesis platform with our scientific partners’ deep area expertise, Twist Alliance panels provide ready-made panels to help accelerate your research. Why spend time designing panels when experts have already done the work for you?

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The Twist Alliance Panels are designed to give you a head start, bringing together expertise from multiple disciplines for superior target enrichment, for applications ranging from cancer diagnostics to carrier screening. If none of the panels look quite right for your needs, each panel can be customized with spike-in coverage where you need it. Are you interested in partnering with us to commercialize a new panel? Contact us.

Helping you skip the design, build, test, learn cycle.

Twist Alliance Diversity SNP Panel

A prevalent issue with historical genotyping tools is their bias toward a small number of ethnicities, leaving significant portions of humanity underrepresented in classic genotyping workflows. As an example, microarray platforms only offer fixed content updated occasionally, compounding this challenge.

Researchers can solve these inefficiencies and inequities by utilizing target capture-based NGS workflows with probe panels designed for diversity and flexibility.

As part of Twist’s growing Targeted GBS portfolio, the Twist Diversity SNP Panel gives researchers a new flexible ethnicity-neutral gold standard to use for GBS.

Scientists have the freedom to use the panel as a stand-alone genotyping panel or as a spike-in into the Twist Human Comprehensive Exome panel. Its design is also customizable—additional probes covering regions of interest can be synthesized on Twist's DNA synthesis platform.

The Twist Diversity SNP Panel content was curated in partnership with leaders at the Regeneron Genetics Center. Designed to integrate into existing fully automated exome processing workflows, this panel provides base calls and imputed variants.

Genotype imputations can be calculated using open source tools available. Please reach out to Customer Support to get a copy of our imputation guide to getting started with imputation analysis tools.

Note: The Diversity SNP panel content has not been fully validated through the complete Twist workflow. For recommendations on assay set-up, please contact Twist Customer Support.

  • PROBES: 640k
  • SNPs COVERED: 1.4M
  • SENSITIVITY: Imputation of most variants down to MAF of 0.1% or less


104374 - Twist Diversity SNP Panel, 2 Reactions

104375 - Twist Diversity SNP Panel, 12 Reactions

104376 - Twist Diversity SNP Panel, 96 Reactions

104393 - Twist Diversity SNP Panel, 16 samples complete kit with Standard Hyb

104394 - Twist Diversity SNP Panel, 96 samples complete kit with Standard Hyb


* For research use only. Not for diagnostic procedures.

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